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The Winery (Finca Tobella)


Established in 2003 as a partnership between John Lipscomb and Nuria Tobella. Our goal is to produce small volumes of very high quality wines from low-yielding vines in the Priorat appellation which will be commercialized in the premium market.


John Lipscomb born in California (USA) and Nuria Tobella born in Barcelona (Spain) met studying oenology and viticulture at the University of Davis, California, 1992-1995. Following his studies, John worked in the technical department (warehouse and laboratory) of several Napa Valley wineries as The Hess Collection, Opus One, Codorniu Napa and ZD wines. Nuria worked in the technical department of Gloria Ferrer (Freixenet USA), The Hess Collection and Beaulieu Vineyards.

Vineyards and Winery

The company owns 14 hectares of vineyard located in Gratallops. The vineyard is established on terraces at an altitude of about 310 meters (about 1000 feet) and slate (llicorella) soils. Several varieties of grapes were planted in 2004: Grenache, Carignane, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah for red varieties and White Grenache and Viognier for white varieties. The vineyard also has very old vines of Grenache and Carignane.

Style for Finca Tobella Negre: Our goal with the Finca Tobella Negre is to produce a wine that is more accessible with good fruit, fresher and with less barrel time (extraction) and aging. To this end we take great pains to not harvest grapes at an overripe stage and control fermentation temperatures. Also we have
changed the coupage with respect to the Finca Tobella Selecció Especial and placed more emphasis on Syrah and Carignane. Thanks to the terroir and also varieties like Carignane, the wine has a good natural acidity which affords a liveliness and freshness not seen with most other wines of this class.

Style for Finca Tobella Selecció: Our philosophy and goal is to craft a wine that is both age-worthy and fresh. To this end we take great pains to not harvest grapes at an overripe stage, to control fermentations somewhat, and to limit barrel-age time to about one year (with the majority of wood Allier or tight
grained to limit extraction). Additionally we like to use a high percentage of Carignane in the final blend which, due to it’s natural high acidity, lends both crispness and freshness to the wine as well as long life.